Hi! We're the team that runs BLOX City.

Isaac Hymer
Co-Founder, President and CEO
Isaac is the President and CEO of BLOX City, Inc. As CEO, Isaac oversees company operations as well as our management and development teams.
Brennan Pfeiffer
Co-Founder, Operations Manager
Brennan is the Operations Manager of BLOX City, Inc. His daily routine is overseeing website operations to ensure all departments are working to their fullest potential.
Maryal Behnam
Co-Founder, Senior CS Agent
Maryal is one of our Senior Customer Support Agents at BLOX City, Inc. As a Senior CS Agent, it is Maryal's duty to ensure our customers receive the best support with questions or concerns they have.
Holly Jackson
Creative Director
Holly is the Creative Director at BLOX City, Inc. As Creative Director, Holly oversees our advertisement and marketing departments.
Alex Springer
VP of Customer Relations
Alex is the VP of Customer Relations at BLOX City, Inc. As VP of Customer Relations, Alex oversees our Customer Service and Community Management departments.
Madison Dickhute
Community Manager
Madison is the Community Manager at BLOX City, Inc. As Community Manager, Madison is responsible for overseeing community events and our moderation staff.
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